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Things are progressing as our first team has arrived.

Tack Shop sign is going up!!

Wooden sidewalk in front of the General Store (Before & After)

Before and After restoration. Coles General Store

Kids Camp

District of Cactus would like to have a kid’s camp for children to learn the old way of life. A place to learn to live without power, cell phones, and modern things in life.
How to split firewood and stack so the wood dries for proper heating and cooking use.
A place to learn how to care for, feed, groom, tack-up and ride a horse properly.
A place to experience the true meaning of using a horse for farming purposes.

Advance Courses will teach working with horses.
How to, tack-up, hitch, and drive single and teams.
How to drive a team pulling a wagon, maybe even work in the fields (depending on the time of year).
Other courses will be introduced as we expand!

We are looking for sponsors for the children’s camp. We have set-up a Go Fund Me page to make it easy for anyone that would like to donate to the children’s camp. We have put a high limit on the page because any extra money will go for children who are underprivileged and may not have the ability to pay for some or all of the camp. This fund will help sponsor the construction and ongoing expense of operating the camp.

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Cabin Rentals

1- and 2-bedroom cabins will be for rent weekly. (Phase #2)
Cabins will include beds, a table and chairs, and a wood stove for heating during the heating season (Pictures as we build them).


There will be NO services provided, (Outside of Kennedy) by the District of Cactus other than road maintenance for horse and buggy or sleigh depending on the time of year.

Phase #2 Outside of Kennedy

In the town area and campgrounds, we will supply outhouses ONLY. There is a possibility of water, however; if we supply water, it will not be drinkable water. If you want to have a power inside your home, you will be responsible for the solar system.
If you want to have a power inside your home, you will be responsible for the solar system.
District of Cactus will have in-house security guards on horseback and walking. They will patrol the property with the authority given to them by the rules and bylaws and from the members.


You MUST be aware that we are in Saskatchewan and we have wildlife.
District of Cactus and Cactus and Cole Holding Inc. in no way take any responsibility for any injuries whatsoever. You will use this property at your own risk. All Adventures such as wagon train adventures or horseback riding and trail rides will be done at your own risk.
District of Cactus, Cactus and Cole Holdings Inc., anyone associated with or being part of, will NOT be held liable for any accidents or injury while participating in any adventure, trail ride or any other use of property, animal or equipment whatsoever.
Make sure you have bug spray for the summer as we do have mosquitoes, black-flies, and ticks.

Lifetime Membership Fees

Family Memberships: $1,000.00- Max of 5 immediate household family (Only one vote per family)
Single: $700.00
All memberships are based on lifetime and can be transferred or sold upon board approval.
Membership dues are payable yearly. (To be determined by council)

Land leases are Only available to members and are also long term and transferable as long as dues and land taxes are paid and up-to-date.

(Taxes are for the expense of security, road maintenance, and other improvements)
(Tax rate is subject to change once council has been voted in and the members have had a chance to vote)

Storefronts are only on a lease. Each store will have different amounts depending on the sq ft.
Let us know what you want to operate

Members Benefits

Up to 20% discount on most products purchased through our merchants.
Tobacco and Alcohol EXCLUDED!

Reduced Camp sites prices, daily, weekly or seasonal.
Free coral for your horse at your campsite.
Reduced firewood price.
Reduced cabin rentals.
The right to vote at the town meetings.
Free email address @districtofcactus.com
Members ONLY pricing on horse equipment (20% discount)

Businesses Available For Lease

Hardware Store
Buggy and Wagon Manufacturing
Wagon Wheel Manufacturing (Wheelwright)
Stables - Rent stalls and give trail rides
Looking for a preacher to operate the church
Looking for a Doctor to work the old way, someone that does home visits and also has an office in town for clients to visit. Either take a small cash payment or the Saskatchewan Health card
Other stores will also be developed as we grow and have members requesting to operate their own business. These are just a few however we hope and expect that there will be many more commercial operations

Your Responsibilities

Here are just a few things you are responsible for

Building your own home and outbuildings (If you want a barn or any other building).
ALL homes MUST have a composting toilet.
Supplying a holding tank or dug well for water. You are responsible for your own water.
Keeping dogs and cats ON LEASH when off your property.
Making sure your dog is not barking for no good reason! We don't want barking dogs unless there is a good reason (wildlife on or near your property)
There will be a full set of bylaws voted in by the members of the District of Cactus at our first town meeting.

Our Projects

General Store opened.
Tack Shop Opening 1st June 2021.

Contact Us

Contact Dan for more information at email: landoffice@districtofcactus.com Please provide your number as we will email and then follow up with a call.

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Kennedy SK S0G 2R0, Saskatchewan, Canada



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Kennedy SK S0G 2R0, Saskatchewan,Canada.